High Temp Intel Core i7 7700K

First my english isn't good, I do a first build Pc, and got all newest pc components: i7700k, krakex x62, asus rog Z270e, gigabyte 1080xtreme etc... But the problem is my cpu run an anormal temperature like 36+ - 45. When i run games like Cs Go its up to 80-100* C
Need Help! Im not wizard or profesional on pc.
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    have you tried replacing the thermal paste?
  2. Assuming you've applied the thermal paste correctly and your pump isn't defective I suggest you download the cam software to control your water cooler, you need to have the pump plugged in to the CPU fan header on your motherboard and make sure that the pump speed is at 100%. I use the Kraken x41 and my temps don't go above 70c under load and stay 30 C to 33 C idle.
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