How can I play pc disc games on my TV

I want to play pc disc games on my TV but I don't know how ...And is there any tech that I can buy online to play the game[/
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  1. connect a computer to your TV.
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    The HDTV would replace the computer monitor.

    However, if the HDTV and computer aren't close you can buy a Steam Link (for Steam games) though for quicker titles you should use Ethernet cabling between the PC and the Steam Link not wi-fi.

    The Steam Link has Steam encode the video signal so it then decodes and sends it and the audio to the HDTV via the HDMI cable. The XBOX or Steam link controller (Steam Link can work okay for some games if not designed for a controller otherwise a WIRED XBOX 360 controller might be ideal) send button presses back through to the PC.
  3. It is pretty simple really. You can just move you PC to your Tv and connect it with an HDMI. Hope I helped
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