MOBO for Samsung 950 Pro

I am looking for a quality MOBO in the price range of $125 to $175 that will allow for me to run the Samsung Pro 950 as a boot up drive and has PCIe® 3.0 x4 interface so I can use the drive to its fullest capabilities. I am pairing this up with an Intel i5-7600K.

I keep looking at boards and having difficulty determining which board is compatible. Right now I am looking at either an ASUS TUF Z270 MARK 2 LGA 1151 or Gigabyte GA-Z270X-UD3 LGA

Overclocking is not a requirement, but nice to have. I went with the i5-7600k versus the i5-7500 due to the modest performance boost and $10 price differential.

Thanks for your assistance
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    i'm not sure what currency those prices are in but you can take a look at a mobo i purchased for my i7 7700 build. it has 2 M.2 slots and its a H270 board which means you're not able to overclock or SLI
  2. Went with the ASUS Z270 - AR based on reading your thread. Thanks.
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