after i close warcraft (xfx 390) is making desktop have weird inverted colors....

after i close out of world of warcraft my (xfx 390) making desktop have weird inverted colors....

are these artifacts???

please help

windows 10 pro
asrock fatal1ty b250 gaming k4 motherboard
intel i7 7700k (with d92 hyper cpu cooler)
ddr4 2400 x2 8gb (16gb kit)
evga supernova 650watt power supply

(xfx 390 8gb)

i removed the card and switched back to integrated graphics not taking the risk

red becomes blue..... blue becomes purple
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  1. Hello,

    We're sorry you are having trouble. It could be the cable, monitor or something amiss with the refresh rates. Can you try a different cable or monitor? do any other software cause the same issue?

    Tutorial for proper driver installation.

    1-Load windows with only your primary graphics card plugged in.
    2-Disable any and ALL anti-virus/malware protection.
    3-Download and Run the latest drivers from (Omega drivers do not have Uninstall built in, you have to do it through add/remove, which is okay)
    3.5. AMD now has a nice Uninstall tool which should work as a better alternative-
    4-Choose to Uninstall/express (may not be available in newest version, download an older version) the existing drivers, and AMD folder
    5-Restart the computer.
    6-Disable any and ALL anti-virus/malware protection.
    7-Run the latest drivers from
    8-Choose to Install/Express the drivers
    9-Restart. Confirm settings are working in windows.
    10-Shutdown and add 2nd/3rd cards for Xfire.
    11-Respond to this ticket if you have any further questions
    ** If you have nvidia drivers on your computer, you might need to run the Uninstall feature of Nvidias driver as well.

    XFX Support
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  2. newegg suggested i sent my card to xfx rma

    my card returned with 1 screw that fell out.
    it returned dirty with finger prints, scuffs, scratches, scrapes

    im scared to keep the graphics card inside. smells smokey, smells like someone elses house

    i dont know what else to do

    i contacted newegg and they told me to call xfx but i have no phone service at the moment

    xfx said that the card was in working condition but now i see performance issues... the inverted colors become more apparent

    there has to be a mistake, this couldnt be my graphics card because they didnt return the original documents and cables....
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  3. i used 3 hdmi cables 1 dvi

    1 monitor and 1 tv

    same problem
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