I think my motherboard does't recognize my GPU! Please help

My system specs are:
CPU: Intel i3-4130
Motherboard: ASRock h81m-hds

Everything worked atleast mostly fine before i broke down my old computer and rebuilt it in to the new case with a new PSU and the RX 480.
(i don't know if it matters, but while uninstalling the previous GPU, there was this really weird plastic lock keeping the GPU in place, it wasn't an ordinary one that you can just pull back to release the GPU and after an hour of trying to figure out how to remove it, i just broke it with a knife politely without damaging the motherboard itself)
At first everything worked fine, GPU was working, everything worked fine, BUT i didn't gen an video signal from my GPU, i tried different cables to different ports and none of them worked, i tried the old video card and it didn't work either. I have tried everything, deleting the drivers and installing the latest ones, resetting motherboard CMOS, having the PCI E slot as the primary graphics option, downloading new motherboard drivers, looking at similar cases and answers but i haven't yet found a answer.
Everything works fine but the motherboard doesn't recognize my graphics card!
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    "i tried the old video card and it didn't work either"


    We're sorry you are having trouble. This quote above about sums it up. If neither cards works, but should and one used to, something is wrong wtih the motherboard PCI slot, or CMOS. since you already reset the cmos, confirm the onboard video works with the same cable use test with both video cards.

    XFX Support
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