ATI Radeon HD 5450 (DDR2 VM) + Intel core i3-6100 and DDR4 Ram?

Could I use my ati radeon hd 5450 which had 512 mb of ddr2 vm with an intel core i3-6100 and ddr4 ram? I only want to use it temporarily until I can buy a gtx 1050ti but I wasn't sure if it would be compatible?
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  1. It's compatible although I would not be surprised if the integrated graphics were better. I had a 5450 so I know it's a very limited card, good for HD video playback and that's about it.
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    The only sensible reason for using a low-end card instead of the iGPU is if the card gives you a healthy amount of dedicated VRAM, but unless it's got at least 2GB VRAM there's no point. If it's only got 512MB VRAM it's hardly worth using, your iGPU could probably beat that with the amount of system RAM it's configured to use.

    I'd only use it as a "stop gap" if, for example, the system had no integrated graphics adapter.
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