PC won't boot after inserting new GPU

Today I installed an MSI 1070. When I was finished and went to boot up the pc, it wouldn't start, at all. No fans, no lights (other than the standard mobo light), literally nothing. I tested my PSU using the paper clip test and it passed. I thought I may have messed up the power button during the install but I checked the cables and all were correctly connected to the motherboard (was unable to check the actual button). I tried removing the new card and it still wouldn't start up. I tried putting the old card back in and had the same result. Could I have somehow fried the motherboard while installing the card? I do not have a speaker to test for beeps. Is there anything anyone could suggest before I take it to someone more knowledable than I am?

Thank you

I7 7700k
EVGA G2 550W
2x Evo Forza 16GB
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    If neither the old or new card work, then it's an issue with the motherboard or possibly the power supply. Try resetting the BIOS to sock, unplug from wall power, remove the CMOS battery, hold in the power button for about 10 seconds, plug it all in without the video cards and see if onboard video works now. Try reseating the RAM also, test with one RAM stick at a time.
  2. I fixed it by taking out the motherboard battery for about 10 minutes. Thanks for the reply.
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