motherboard lan not working (bios onboard is enabled)


My motherboard GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 lan not working.
Yellow led is lighting but it doesnt do nothing if I plug cable.
I've tryed disable OnBoard Lan.
Device manager doesn't show up network adapters.

Best wishes,
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  1. Do you have the network drivers installed?
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  2. Cant install network drivers!
    Its giving error.
    You must have proper Killer hardware installed in order to install Killer Performance Suite.
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  3. Different revisions?
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  4. There is only one revision? 1.0?
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  5. Use the lan drivers that are included on the dvd that came with your motherboard.
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  6. I dont have dvd's
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  7. Kind of catch 22.
    You need to download the lan driver, but without the lan driver you can't download.

    You need to use a different pc to download the killer lan driver and put it on a usb stick to install.
    Or, a usb attached dvd drive will be about $20.
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  8. I've added PCI network card and this working well.
    I've downloaded many different LAN drivers and they not working.
    What I'm gonna try now?
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  9. You need to install the driver for the killer network adapter, not any other generic lan driver.
    Interesting, I think it is called bigfoot lan driver.
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  10. If you readed my one answer then I've tryed it and got this error "You must have proper Killer hardware installed in order to install Killer Performance Suite."
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  11. Can someone help me out with that?
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