Mac Pro 2008 Hard Drive Sled for "New" Mounting Screw Configuration

Hello Tom's Hardware Gurus:

I learned the hard way that many of the jumbo (6TB+) internal drives have a "new" mounting screw-hole configuration.

They are not compatible with the hard drive "sleds" for my trusty 2008 Mac Pro, and I also learned the hard way that >2008, the hard drive sleds for Mac Pros are different.

If I hope to put a jumbo drive into my ancient 2008 Mac Pro, what is the workaround (and I don't want to use a drive adapter and put it in the optical drive slot).

Thank you!

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  1. Really? whats different? I don't recall any issues with my 6tb'ers but then I don't have a mac.

    do the screw holes still line up but the located further back on the drive?
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  2. I have a MacPro 2008 and I want to put some 8th or 10 TB drives in there

    These drive sleds are for later mac Pros

    so Im looking for someone that makes the same for my MacPro3,1 2008

    Did you get a solution pisaorange?
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  3. Can i upload images? Its the easiest way to show the difference
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  4. Upload to a hosting site and post a link here; many here use imgur
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