Windows won't boot with On Board GPU

I suspect that some contact solution spilt into my machine and and if so, by the way the GPU is placed, it would have spilt almost directly onto that.
Now when I try and boot, my monitor will have two vertical red lines blocks on each side of the screen and won't boot past start up repair.
I've tried to take out the GPU and plug my DVI cable into the onboard graphics slot but the PC does NOT boot. The monitor just flashes different colors, the screen will flash red, green, and grey. No MSI screen or opportunity to get into bios. I've tried to clear the CMOS but it's made no difference. I just don't understand why it at least goes past the MSI screen/bios when I have the GPU plugged in but not when I've plugged it to the onboard graphics.

Could it be that the GPU isn't the problem?

GPU: AMD 280x
CPU: intel i5 4570
Motherboard: MSI H97M-G43
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    If the system does not work even without the video card, you likely have a dead motherboard, maybe the CPU, RAM, depending on where this liquid got into.
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