Problem with Geforce Go 7400/drivers

Hello everyone,
An HP Pavilion dv6000 (more precisely a dv6373ea) is giving me some problems with the video card (Nvidia Geforce Go 7400) that are driving me crazy.
Starting from the beginning:
Six months ago i was using my pc normally when, suddenly, the blue screen appeared with the "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE" error. Not knowing what to do i just restarted it and everything seemed ok. But, after 1 hour the screen started flashing giving me an error message "the driver of the video card had problems and was recovered" (or something like that) at that point i just turned it off in order to prevent further damage. The day after i turned it on but the screen was black and it wasn't showing me anything (but i still was able to see the light coming from below)
For the entire week i tried to fix this problem and these are the results:

Any driver i install, inevitably brings me to the problem mentioned above (black screen, but with the light coming from below visible)

I restored the PC by removing all the files, bringing it back to its original state, and surprise, the screen was working, but, a few hours after installing the driver, the problem recurred

I tried another time to restore it but nothing happened, still black screen

The official drivers downloaded from the Nvidia site, when installing, do not bring any changes. I have to install the manually using the Device Manager

In Device Manager, the video card appears with the name "Microsoft Basic Video Card"

If i connect an external display this works (with a bad resolution, maybe due to the Microsoft Basic Video Card(?) )

The external one is detected, while the one of the laptop no. The screen is detected as "Generic Monitor non-Plug and Play"

Further Informations:
Windows 10 64bit
Processore: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1,66Ghz 1.67Ghz
Trust me, i really really tried everything (i think)
I really hope you can help me.
PS:Sorry for the bad English, sorry if this is the wrong section
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    Likely the video card in the system died. The older HP systems have had quite a few issues with them.

    You are well past the time you can get it replaced though.
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