SSD Drive Disappearance

I am fairly new to building computers and such, and I have mostly tinkered with desktops. One day I foolishly decided to take the back off my laptop to see what was inside. I had to remove the battery of the laptop to fully open the back of the computer. After taking off the back and looking around, without touching anything, connected everything, and put the back on, and attempted to turn the computer on. After re-entering the date and time into the BIOS, which seemed odd, it then told me,"Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key". Does this mean that the SSD is no longer being recognized or worse, does it mean the hard drive's battery's dead, and if so, can I get my files back?
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  1. The sata cable maybe off / loose

    Or the hdd may not be in properly
  2. SATA cable is directly connected to a part of the motherboard, so that isn't it. The SSD is correctly connected to said SATA port, and the SSD works on another computer.
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