Asus Code 00 with Heatsink On

New build, and if I attach the heatsink, even with one screw twist, I get Asus Error Code 00. I have to Post without heatsink at all, and then lean it in for some sort of heat dispersion.

For unrelated reason, I exchanged the motherboard for same model, but I get the same issue. I want to say it's the processor, but since the replacement didn't fix my other issue, I am not convinced. Any ideas?

Asus Code Z270 and i7-7700k and Cooler Master RR-212X-20PM-R1.
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  1. Try to start system without heatsink, push on cpu with finger in different positions.
    Some CPUs on socket 1151 was made on thin textolite. Check if CPU borders have curves.
  2. Once started without heatsink, I can put on all the pressure I want. Thats why I dont think it's the processor. I am aware of the thin wafer, and chip itself looks fine.

    I was thinking I would make a wild attempt, and put rubber gromets under the heatsink's metal posts. Just to raise it above the board, then coat the metal clips with clear nail polish. Figured it couldn't hurt to try. Maybe there was something causing a short.
  3. I placed rubber grommets on the back of the board, to separate it from the metal nut. I picked them up at the hardware store in the plumbing department. Problem went away instantly.
  4. Dont forget to close thread.
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