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I have this error every now and then. For example it occured yesterday and today on boot. It usually happens ater long break betwean bootings. All i need to do is to press restart or 2 to enter bios and boot rom there and system boots, but thats not normal. Yesterday for example it restarted my vcore on cpu from manual to auto. I have newest bios

my pc:

i5 6600k 4.4ghz 1.285v
2x8gb hyperx savage 2400mhz ddr4
asus z170 pro gaming
gtx 1060
xfx 550w
windows 10
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  1. Which error do you get?
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  2. I think your battery is failing you and the BIOS can't keep the settings.
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  3. i dont remember specyfic error. It just shows american megatrends page and tells me system boot ailed and asks me to enter bios. After i enter bios and press f10 it boots normally. How to check i this is battery ault? mobo is quite new bought few months ago. i also have an old 500gb hdd with 40k hours on it. can it be responsible? But if this is hdd than it wouldnt change my voltages on cpu, right?
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  4. The only way to check if it's a flat CMOS battery causing the problem is to swap it out for a new one.

    The CMOS battery maintains all the hardware custom configuration BIOS settings (including how you've got the CPU voltages set up if they're not at default).

    When the battery is exhausted, all those custom settings are lost because the BIOS reverts back to it's factory-default settings.
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  5. but faulty battery would prevent windows from boot?
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  6. No it wouldn't - - as I said, the BIOS reverts to factory default settings when the battery goes flat, the OS will still boot on factory default settings, of course it will because that's how you initially set up a new system!

    For Christ's sake just try a fresh new battery before you ask any more questions!
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  7. It wouldn't prevent it from booting, it just points you to the BIOS so you can set the setting by yourself and F10 is probably Save and Exit. And please try a new battery.
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  8. but this is like brand new mobo so i would need to return it to the shop and its hard to proof its a battery fault, because as i said it happens once in a while, usually after long break betwean boots.

    It didnt resets all the settings. I mean it is, cpu vcore and clocks are reset according to data in bios, but when i try to set them up again it appears all settings are the same as i left it before. Weird.
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  9. Okay, here's another test, is the clock incorrect after your PC boots into BIOS?
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  10. Settings are correct, but actuall clock value isnt.
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  11. Change the battery, the battery also keeps track of the time, so if the clock is incorrect, the battery is not good.
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  12. will i loose warranty if i do that? this must be specyfic kind of battery for motherboard?
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