Over clocked FX 6300 and now no display or peripherals

Hello, I'm a noob for over clocking but i know how to do it, I wanted to overclock my 6300 to 4.2ghz and I knew I needed to turn the voltage up. Instead if doing it in increments, I decided to whack it up to 1.36 v as that's what someone said in a video was good. I saved and restarted pc and the monitors are on but there is no signal and the peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard, are not turning on. I have a cooler master heat sink and replaced the thermal paste under a year ago.

Specs are:
AMD FX 6300
550W PSU
not sure about motherboard but the BIOS is up to date
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    First off, reset your CMOS and get your system back up and running at stock speeds. As you've seen, it's not necessarily a great idea to just whack your voltage and multiplier up to what you see on a video and hope it works. You're going to want to find out exactly what motherboard you have. There are a lot of cheap low end AM3+ boards with weak power delivery that aren't going to handle overclocking all that well. A poor quality PSU can also cause problems, overclocking increases power consumption, and if you have some cheap no-name unit, you may well be pushing it to its limits at stock speed.

    To overclock, first set your voltage to manual and run your system at the default base voltage just to make sure your CPU is stable at that voltage. If it is, start bumping up the multiplier by one and stress test it, keep going until the stress test fails or you get a system crash, then bump up the voltage by an increment and try again.
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