Is coin mining a good GPU stress test?

I'm currently in a process of overclocking my GTX 1060 and I'm mining some Ethereum while doing it. The GPU is working at 100%, but I'm not sure whether it works as a stress tester?

I'm currently at 116% power and 92C temperature limit with +200 core and +550 mem clock.
But the temperatures still remain relatively low, that's why I'm confused.
They are still at 74C and have had almost no change between the non-overclocked and overclocked core.

Edit: checking HWMonitor, the GPU clock still seems to run around 1500MHz, even though MSI Afterburner says 2100?
Edit 2: a restart fixed it
Edit 3: nevermind, it seems to rarely use the boost clock? stays at 1500 most of the time?
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    Coin mining is usually done on AMD GPUs and frequently with reduced GPU load. It doesn't load GPU to any high value.
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