G4560 hd 610 can run GTA 5 battelfiled 1 if yes how many fps

I have g4560 8 gb ram
Can i play GTA 5 battelfiled 1
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    Not very well i'm afraid. Battlefield 1 is quite GPU and CPU heavy so both your G4560 and the HD 530 will struggle to run 1080p even on Low at a playable frame rate. GTA V could be fine on that CPU but the HD 530 will still hold it back a lot. I would recommend getting a dedicated Graphics Card as soon as you can if you want to run it at decent settings and playable frame rate. If you have the money a GTX 1050 is ~$130 USD and would be able to run it and GTA V at a playable FPS at Medium Settings.

    Link to i3 7100 (Close enough to yours) + HD 530 in BF1 >
  2. Short answer: no :(
  3. Check here for yourself.
    Imo, I don't think you would get much fps though.
  4. Yeah, it's not gonna work very well at all. I just recently upgraded from an G4560 because of a need for more cores and GTA V happens to be pretty demanding on both dedicated graphics cards and processors.
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