MSI Pro Z270 SLI boot error

Hey everyone. I'm in the process of a build on an MSI Pro Series Z270 SLI and I ran into a problem. Initial hook up everything ran, no errors and I got a boot. After doing some cable management and testing it again it would start but no boot up. At first there were no debug LEDs but then it started blinking white between ram and CPU. Then one of the case fans stopped running and the PC had to be hard reset to shut off whenever I powered on. I've checked all connections and tried to troubleshoot to no avail. It seemed to get worse as I worked on it. Any ideas? Seems like either mobo or CPU problem but I don't understand why initial testing was all good.
Corsair Carb Spec 02 Case
Intel i5 7600k
CM Evo 212 heatsink
Gigabyte GeForce 1060 3mb
MSI Pro Series z270 SLI
Corsair vengeance 2x 4gb ddr4
EVGA 600w bronze PSU
4x 120mm case fans

Thanks for taking the time to reading. This is my first time working on a computer in quite some time (think windows XP) so I may have been prone to negligence somewhere but I looked for everything.
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  1. Update;

    Got everything running and my set-up is complete.
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