Wanting to completely wipe data from NVMe SSD Drive

Hi everyone. :)

I have a new DELL 15 Gaming Edition (7566) Laptop which I'm returning to DELL and I'm seeking some help please.

The laptop's system drive is a 512GB SSD drive which I would like to completely wipe. I have a lot of sensitive information on the drive. I have backed up my data and am ready to wipe the drive. I would basically like to zero the drive so nothing can be recovered from it. However I believe that securely wiping an SSD drive is very different to that of a mechanical drive. Obviously as it's a new laptop which I'm returning to DELL I cannot just remove the drive and destroy it or replace it with another.

As it's the system drive I need to be able to access the drive outside of the operation system. I've been told that the best way to wipe the drive would be to acquire the manufacturers software. One problem I have is that I'm not 100% sure of the SSD's manufacturer. In device manager the hardware ID is: SCSI\DiskNVMe__THNSN5512GPUK_NV5KDA. Would I be correct in assuming that this SSD is a Toshiba one?

Please could you confirm who makes my SSD and advise me of which software will be best to boot my system with and completely wipe the drive with the smallest chance of any file recovery?

I appreciate you reading this and many thanks in advance.

Andrew :)

P.S. The reason that I'm having to returning it to DELL is because the configuration of the GPU's (Intel+Nvidia) in the system prevents the Nvidia GTX960's GPU from outputting HDR graphics. I think that one of the reasons the HDR does not work is because the Intel GPU is connected to the HDMI port and not the Nvidia GPU. Games which have HDR graphics will not play with HDR. DELL confirmed this and are willing to give me a full refund.

So if anyone is thinking of buying a 'cheaper' gaming laptop with HDR gaming in mind then please check very carefully with the manufacturer that the HDR feature of the GPU(s) will work with games that have HDR before wasting your time.
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  1. if you secure erase the drive

    and when its returned to dell they might want to see it actually still works before giving you a refund

    how will they do that if you wiped everything?
  2. Hi mcnumpty23 and thanks for your reply.

    Today I have asked DELL if I can wipe the drive because of the sensitive information and will get a reply on Monday.

    I am just wanting to find out how to do this so if DELL say I can wipe the drive then I will know how to do it.

  3. Best answer
    as long as it supports the ata secure erase command which most do

    this bootable tool mentioned here should do it

    its a kingston article but shouldnt matter who makes the drive
  4. Thank you very much for your time and advice. :)
  5. you are very welcome
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