Need help, Asus Deluxe II wont POST after overclocking

Hello, I've been playing with overclocking for a while but it looks like a made a wrong setting and now it wont even take me to post and enter the BIOS. What I did was the tuning my overclocking then I set the cpu core voltage to adaptive with an offset of +0.010, the original voltage before setting to adaptive was 1.257V manual, trying to tune the cpu to 4.2ghz. Blck freq was 100, sync all cores to 42.

Now it just shows the q code '33' then restarts, then turns off. I tried resetting thr CMOS with the clr_cmos button and removing the onboard battery to no luck. Q code according to manual: 32-36, cpu post memory initialization. Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much and will be waiting for your reply.

Asus deluxe ii
i7 6800k
2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz ram
Samsung 850 pro 512gb
Gtx 1080
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    first do not bump it is not well seen on forum this look more like using capitals letter ,now to your issue try only 1 ram module and see if it boot also checl your power cable on the board if they are well seated after this look at your cpu in there is no bent pins on it i hope you did not blow anything with overclock like cpu or motherboard see if someone could test your cpu in another system .
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