Heat Problem Pre OC´ed I7 7700k with wc

Hi, i am completely new to Overclocking, never overclocked a CPU and just played around with the clockspeed of my old GPU.

So i did buy a new computer 2-3 weeks ago
Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon
CPU: Intel i7 7700k @4.8
CPU-Cooler: Enermax Liqmax II 120
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport DIMM Kit 16 GB
SSD: Samung 850 EVO
HDD: Toshiba p300 3TB
Powersupply: COUGAR GX800 v3

Now to my Probem, when i have more CPU heavy programs running(Games, Firefox with a bunch of tabs, etc.) than the Pc is starting to lag pretty hard, i checked temps and i think i found the problem, the CPU is Thermal Throttling.
i have around 40-50°C in idle but it goes way to high as soon as load is hitting the CPU,
here are some screenshots i made from HWiNFO while running Prime largeffts.

Now, i sure want to fix the Problem and get the temps at a normal lvl but i have no idea how, maybe less voltage if it is possible? i heard from delid but i have never done something like this and i dont have the money to buy a new cpu if i destroy this one. maybe just dont make such a strong OC but i thought it shouldn´t be a problem, i mean i bought it this way..
can you guys possibly help me and give me some tips?
so i also checked some data in my Bios
CPU core: 1,330 V
CPU/GT Voltage Mode: Auto
i dont know if this is the best mode or voltage, the pc came with those options like this. it someone needs more info just write.
i did also run x264 stresst test and i came up to 97°C and was all the time over 80°C and this is supposed to be a cool stress tester... i have water cooling still get such temps? pls help

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  1. Idle temp seems high. I suggest you check heatsink
  2. checked the installation of the cpu cooler, seems fine. i will have to wait till my thermal compound arrives, so i can deinstall and reinstall the cooler.
  3. Good call to redo paste first. De-lidding has its rewards... but it takes a special kind of brave to practice on a spankin new i7-7700k ;)
  4. i also have an old i7 3770k i could test my skills on. but how i see it, its everytime a new adventure you do something like this.
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    That voltage is way too high, I have my i7 7700K set to 1.190V @ 4.8GHz completely stable. You may need slightly more voltage or slightly less as all CPU's are slightly different, but either way, 1.3xxV is 5GHz+ territory.
  6. thats what i thought, i will try tweaking it myself as soon as i got my delid going.
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