Asus silent knight ii Or Thermalright S1 128?

Which cooler is better for xeon x3380 which is same as Q9650?
Silent knight ≈ 11$
S1 128 ≈ 14$
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  1. Neither are good at all.
    Get this:
    If you're not in the US tell me where you are and i'll pick one out for you.
  2. Thanks, bro for replying! Well I'm from Egypt and it's worth mentioning that I'm on a tight Budget xD my max for a cooler is 15$ = 250 egp
  3. What retailers are you using?
    You NEED to spend more than that for a decent cooler.
    Does it not come with a stock cooler anyway?
    That should be way more than enough...
  4. It's a used processor without a stock cooler but I have a dual-core stock cooler and don't know if it will be effective or not as x3380 is a quad-core cpu! So according to my budget what is my best option? S1,silent knight or the stock cooler?
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