turtle beach z60 audio only in the left.

my friends is only getting audio come out the left ear on his headset and it only happens on arma 3. he's using the turtle beach earforce z60's and when ever he's playing arma 3 he can only hear out the left ear. we have tried

•reinstalling the game
•uninstall and reinstalling drivers for the headset
•deleting audio software
cant remember what else

basically he's had his headset for about 14 months and they worked fine for the first two months. then one day he logged onto arma and all his audio played out the left ear and only on that game. we tried to fix it for 2 months then he gave up and stopped playing pc for a year and bought an xbox. now hes back and wants to play arma but we forgot about this issue and we've been trying to fix it for the past couple days.
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