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BIOS update to 1.7 version the MOBO on and off repeated.Is that normal??
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  1. There is no 1.7 BIOS. The only BIOS on the site is 1.60

    And beta bioses
  2. New one try auto update in the bios itself.thru internet.
  3. Its not on the site and I dont have this mobo

    What do you mean by on and off?
  4. It is keep restart by itself over and over.
  5. Did I just FUCKED up this motherboard?Lols!!!
  6. You didnt put a hdd in from another system did you?? Because what youre seeing can happen

    Thats if you mean when it boots into windows

    Was BIOS 1.7 a BETA?? If it was go to the site and reflash 1.6
  7. God Damn it!!I got this and 1700x just for 3 days and I kill it!!KILLER!!!!
  8. Fresh build!!!Worked fine b4 untill I install instant flash from bios.Stupid me!!
  9. Now I can't boot into bios!!!Shiettt!!!
  10. One reason why you shouldnt update it in the BIOS. It may have been a beta since it wasnt on the site

    Turn it off. remove the battery on it for a minute, then put it back in

    Whatever crashless BIOS does use it. Thats what it's for
  11. If it's not working I have to RMA this MOBO.
  12. Did you use crashless bios
  13. What is that?
  14. Its a feature of the mobo read the manual. Thats why it came with one
  15. Shiettt!!!No lock!!After remove battery and put it back still same shit!!
  16. ON and off over and over and over again!!!Hahaha!!!Anyone here run into this problem before?If yes!!How did you fix it?
  17. And did you try crashless bios after then.

    Looks like you get the update (get 1.6 off the site) extract it make sure a flash drive is formatted in FAT. Copy it to the flash with nothing else on the flash drive

    And plug it into a USB 2 port

    See what happens. If that doesnt work buy a replacement BIOS or RMA it
  18. Can't get into bios,man!!PC on and off by itself.If I can get in bios I wouldn't looking for help.
  19. You dont need the BIOS .. According to some sites you do the above turn it on it may do something
  20. Ok I'll try it.I'll let you know if it is work ASAP.Thanks!!
  21. How do you use CRASHLESS BIOS?Anyone?
  22. Read the manual thats why it came with one
  23. Already looked in manual.I do not see any CRASHLESS BIOS mention.Is this mean this MOBO didnot support it?
  24. Read what I said above
  25. Paul NZ said:
    There is no 1.7 BIOS. The only BIOS on the site is 1.60

    And beta bioses

    You are Wrong.. bios 1.70 is coming this week and brand new...
    But yes, the Asrock side is not actually.
    It was postet on the Official german Facebooksite from Asrock
  26. Well it still isnt out is it. So may have been a beta when you flashed it
  27. Paul NZ said:
    Well it still isnt out is it. So may have been a beta when you flashed it

    This is release version and Not a beta!
  28. I said WHEN you flashed it. NOT now
  29. Finally I decided to RMA the board!!I tried my best of evrything I can think of but!!!Not working!!!Thanks!!
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