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Many of my games started running very slow. I now get around 10-30 fps for League of legends and around 5-10 fps for games like Counter Strike Go when I usually would get around 300 Fps on ultra settings. Some time later my whole PC became very slow, as basic processes like Task Manager became more slow than before.

Here are some things I did/checked:
- reinstalled drivers
- cleaned PC from dust
- checked if PC is overheating
- cleaned any malware on PC
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  1. What are your specs?
  2. If system was working that much faster, but it's running slow in everything, I suggest getting a new hard drive and installing a clean Windows setup on that, or at least starting with a clean Windows setup on your existing drive.
  3. MeesterYellow said:
    What are your specs?

    Intel Core i7-4790 CPU 3.60GHz
    Nvidia GTX 1070
    750w PSU
    16 GB of RAM
    Stock Dell XPS 8700 motherboard

    Forgot to mention but I tend to get lag on certain games that I shouldn't be getting lag. I can run games like For Honor on ~100 fps while others game like League I run at 20-30fps
  4. Hmm. What hard drive(s) are you using? What SSD or HDD?
    Like hang-the-9 have said, you might need to get a new hard drive. They aren't expensive unless they're SSDs.
    Also, have you tried reinstalling the games? Or set all the slow games' .exe to "Run as Administrator"?
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    Yeah a bad mechanical drive can do bad bad things to fps, especially if you're also running windows on it. A simple thing like windows update running in background can make your games unplayable.
    SSD is best/most important upgrade option there is
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