HELP, my first build won't post

First time computer builder.

CPU: pentium g4560 w/ stock heat sink
MOBO: gigabyte h-110m-a
PSU: EVGA 600 bronze
Ram: 1x8gb balistix sport 2400 MHz

Trying to get first POST. All plugs are seated properly, ram is in properly, heat sink plugged in properly, as is CPU.
Turn on power supply and the fans on both the CPU and power supply spin for ~25 seconds, turn off for ~5 seconds and cycle on and off indeffinatley.
I also plugged in an LED keyboard to see if it turns on, but not doesn't.
Unplugged CPU power, and both fans spin faster and they don't turn off at all. After I did that, I plugged in the keyboard again and it lit up.
Checked psu with multimeter and it seems to be in working order.
Could there be something wrong with CPU power header?

Thank you in advance everyone
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    For that motherboard to work with that cpu do you need the latest bios which the motherboard probably doesn't have. The only remedies are to swap the motherboard for a B250 board or to get an older type cpu,fitting this socket of course, and flash the bios to the latest.
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