Powering external hard drive through USB cable

I have a 750GB WD Blue 2.5-inch hard drive I want to use as an external backup drive. I want to put it an enclosure via either an eSATA connection or USB 3.0. (My motherboard doesn't support eSATAp or USB 3.1.)

For this purpose, I can either buy an enclosure that draws its own power from a USB 3.0 cable, or I can buy an enclosure which has a separate power cable. I would rather have the former, but would there be problems associated with drawing power from a USB 3.0 cable, to power a 2.5-inch WD Blue hard drive?
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    Some 2.5" drives can run via USB power. Some cannot, and require wall power.
    All SSD drives can run via USB power.
    All 3.5" drives require wall power.
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