Numpad "+", "-", & "/" keys only work with Shift key depressed

I purchased a new keyboard recently and in testing it, I noticed that the Numpad "+", "-", & "/" keys only work when I press the Shift key. I swapped out the KB with the old one with the same result. It works properly in Safe Mode with the new KB and the old. I have checked my KB options and have Sticky Keys and Filter Keys off. Having NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK, and/or SCROLL LOCK on or off has no effect. I was using EVGA Precision OC, but after reading a somewhat similar post on a separate thread I uninstalled it, to no avail. I'm not sure how long the problem has been occurring, just that I noticed it after installing the new KB back in January. I'm running Windows 10 Pro, but maintained my Windows 7 installation on a separate hard drive. The KB functions properly in Windows 7, so it appears to be a software problem in Windows 10. Any ideas would be appreciated as I am at a complete loss on this. If any further info is needed, I'll provide what I am able. Thanks in advance.
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  1. What keyboard is this?
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  2. The new one is an Inland Backlight Multimedia Gaming Keyboard (70114). The other with which I tested was a generic KB I had been using for years prior to the new one. I spoke with Inland Tech Support and the guy I spoke with was unfamiliar with the problem, but all that tells me is that it wasn't listed in his database.
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  3. Although no one has had any ideas, yet, I figure I'll post an update in case it sparks an idea with anyone. When I first posted, my "+", "-", & "/" keys on my numpad would only function when I pressed the Shift key. Now, for some reason, my "/" is functioning again, however the "*" now requires the Shift key. I believe this happened once before, but when I went back to check, it was behaving as originally reported. I haven't done anything recently of which I can think that could have caused this, i.e. driver updates. Still hoping someone has an idea that might help.
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