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Hello, recently I have wanted to upgrade my computer a bit.. I got a core i3 2120 processor and a gtx 960 2gb gaming version and I don't know which one should I upgrade first.. because right now I have a core i5 3570k and gtx 1060 3gb mini that I can choose between... which one should I pick to give me higher fps in games like black desert online?
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  1. It will depend on the resolution you play your games (and the refresh rate of your monitor in a sense). Generally I would side by the CPU upgrade but it depends whether you intend to upgrade again soon after. If you do plan to upgrade again then I would err towards the graphics card upgrade.
  2. I use 1280x1024 for 19 inch square monitor... I might upgrade soon yeh, so graphics card first?
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    The reasoning behind the graphics card first option is that you can reuse the graphics card with a new build, eg. Kaby Lake or Ryzen. If you intend to do so then I think a graphics card upgrade first makes sense. Otherwise you'd end up spending more.

    Generally the CPU is responsible for a theoretical maximum fps. Upgrading the CPU would make sense if you intend to keep your current PC for as long as possible.
  4. Yeh I intend to keep it thank you!
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