New to watercooling, what pump should I use?

So I made my 1st pc over an year ago and starting learning more and more about hardware; overclocking etc. Recently I decided to give water-cooling a try and made some research about it. I decided that for the sake of my personal quest for knowledge and learning something new, to not just go for an aio water cooler and no kits either ( I want to pick all the parts by myself separately. My budget isn't too big; i'd say no more than 150$ but that's fine by me; in my opinion you learn how to pick smart when you don't just have a bag full of money and you learn better the performance/ cost worth (anyone can just pick the best parts).
So,while doing some shopping I have more or less made a list of all things i'll need.
For this loop i'll be only trying to water-cool my cpu of course

water block:

This leaves 2 components that as far as am aware I am missing. The pump and tubing.
about the tubing' i'd like to know in what dimensions i should buy them and how long they should be (I don't want too much extra tubing). I also prefer soft tubing for now..

regarding to the pump... I have no idea what I should be looking for? I saw different type of pumps but I have no idea if they should be the ones i need. This pump would be used for mild overclocking and not to push to the absolute extreme per say.

I believe the full loop should look something like this:
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  1. Loop order does not matter as long as your pump doesn't draw in air as this can cause impeller damage.

    Considering you're using all ebay parts of unknown origin, suggesting a good pump is really irrelevant since the majority of pumps I would suggest would put you out of budget.
  2. Better than nothing, go ahead even if it's out of budget so i have an idea for what to look for.
  3. DDC pump.
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