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So, i recently started having some problems with my HDD when i tried to run games/programs that were too heavy...i tried formatting it but nothing changed. With CrystalDiskInfo i got these results: (I dont know what it means but i was told my HDD was dying). After looking for some answers i saw that most people fixed the problems by installing the games/programs on a SSD.

But how do i proceed now? If i buy a small 120gb SSD only for these heavier programs, do i need to format it and install Windows 7? Or do i have to format both my HDD and the SSD? Or do i simply put it on my PC and it will get recognized and ready to go? A friend of mine said that it would be automatically recognized but wasn't 100% sure.

And btw before someone suggests, the operating system runs fine on my HDD, it's only some games that start freezing/lagging. I just wanna buy a small SDD for them, i don't think i need to switch Windows 7 to the SSD (for now at least).

Thanks for the attention!
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    if you are just using it as a secondary storage device simply plug it in - go to disk management and format the disk. give it a drive letter etc. and you can start installing games to it. there is no need to install and os on it. do NOT format your HDD that has the OS on it.
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