Need Help Please! PC shuts off at random then reboots

My PC randomly shuts off and then reboots. It tends to happen more often when it is plugged in (I mean to the outlet for power) but usually turns off after being on for a few hours or when I try to run something that can cause a bit of strain on the computer, i.e. Games like skyrim, fallout 4, subnautica.

I've RMA'd my PSU, it was was tested and sent back fine. I've RMA'd my motherboard and it was tested and sent back ok. I used some of my replacement cables that came with my power supply to replace as much as I could thinking a wire may be the issue. My GPU isn't causing it as I removed it to test if my computer would still shut off and it did. I formatted my HDD to test if it was a program, still shut off. I did memtest86 for ram problems and nothing came up. I downloaded aida64 and did straining tests in my CPU, GPU, and memory and they all withheld, didn't overheat and shut off and meant it couldn't be a processing issue. I also checked my outlets with a multimeter and they read 123.3 volts.

The only thing I have haven't replaced as I did not have a replacement was the 24 pin atx cable. I think there may be a short in it but I'm not sure. I'm able to boot up my PC and roam around on it, so it's getting power and when it shuts off, the only error in the event viewer registry is a kernel-power issue saying the system "rebooted after a sudden shut down, this could be due to a crash or loss of power."
Wondering if anyone could help me out or if they have experience with this kind of issue.

Motherboard: ASUS Z97-A usb 3.1
PSU: EVGA SuperNova Nex 750w Gold
CPU: Intel i7 4790k quad-core
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970

Any and all help would be appreciated!
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  1. Might be Asus Antisurge that get's triggered by the psu,it senses a voltage out of spec according to the motherboard sensors and shuts down the pc.
    Another psu probably would make this run fine again.If you can test with another one would that be great ... maybe from a friend or a local shop.
  2. I've turned off the anti-surge in the BIOS and it still shuts off. I've even switched from outlet to power strip and it continues. Unfortunately I don't have another PSU to sub out but like I said, I RMA'd my motherboard and PSU and they were both returned tested and ok.
  3. I can't see any visible damage to any component and after running all sorts of stress tests and memtests, everything hardware wise seems to check out. But after being on for a couple hours or even when starting up fresh from being off for a few hours, playing even a mid-quality game can shut it off for a couple seconds and reboot it.

    I'm at an absolute loss on this situation...
  4. Only thing i can say is test with another psu,i still think this is the source of your problems. It might just work fine with another motherboard,but with the asus and it's sensors i think it just doesn't work.
    Had this same problem with my Z77 Asus board and an Corsair AX of all psu's,the psu is fine and works great in my now second pc while the Asus board played well with another psu.
  5. You could make a log with hwinfo32 like i will show you,maybe this will show if one of the voltages goes out of spec,

    download hwinfo32,
    install and open it,
    check "sensors-only",
    click "run",
    at the bottom of the window click "logging start",
    choose a name and place for the log like "hwinfolog" at the "desktop",
    this log can be viewed/opened with either excel from Microsoft or libre office calc.

    let it run untill a crash/reboot,do some stresstests where the problem arises,if crashed/rebooted will the log be saved,upload the log,when restarted, to a decent site like Dropbox or SaberCatHost,this way i can have a look,maybe i find something in there,

    I uploaded the log to dropbox. I also wanted to add that I have used this power supply for roughly 8 months before this issue began occurring. It was working 100% perfectly fine one day and the next it started shutting off.
  7. Just to make sure,at the end of this log did it crash/shut off? Looking at it so far was there hardly any load on the pc when making this log.

    Just curious,what ram do you use? =maker/model or partnr,speed,how much.

    If you don't know can you check like this,

    download hwinfo32,
    install and open it=click run,
    close the top window which is the system summary,
    at the left top click "save report",
    at the bottom of the next window check "short text report",
    after that you'll see what's in the pc,
    copy by clicking "copy to clipboard" and rightclick+paste in your next respons

    the ram info will be in this and you can just copy that into an answer.
  8. randomstuff said:

    I uploaded the log to dropbox. I also wanted to add that I have used this power supply for roughly 8 months before this issue began occurring. It was working 100% perfectly fine one day and the next it started shutting off.

    Everything works up until the point that it does not. I concur with the others that swapping out for another PSU is the obviously play here.
  9. Memory: 16384 MBytes @ 666 MHz, 9-9-9-24
    - 8192 MB PC14900 DDR3 SDRAM - G Skill F3-1866C9-8GXM
    - 8192 MB PC14900 DDR3 SDRAM - G Skill F3-1866C9-8GXM

    G. Skills Ripjaw 16 GB dual memory sticks. I've memtest86'd them and found nothing wrong. By this time i was leaning towards the PSU being the problem but wasn't sure since I RMA'd it back to EVGA and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    And if I need a new PSU, what would you guys recommend?

    EDIT: And also yes, it did shut off at the end of the log.
  10. Can you enable XMP in the bios/uefi? This will at least make the ram run at rated specs.

    No way of testing with someone elses psu?
  11. Unfortunately no and as far as I know it's running with XMP enabled.
  12. randomstuff said:
    Memory: 16384 MBytes @ 666 MHz, 9-9-9-24
    - 8192 MB PC14900 DDR3 SDRAM - G Skill F3-1866C9-8GXM
    - 8192 MB PC14900 DDR3 SDRAM - G Skill F3-1866C9-8GXM


    The underlined is what it is running at when taken times two=1333mhz,the "red" is what it can run at=1866mhz.Look at the "AI Tweaker" in the bios/uefi and look for XMP,enable it.
  13. I'm not finding a direct X.M.P. Edit. The only things in my AI tweaker that mention what you stated above is the "overclock tuner" that I can set to X.M.P. Or I can set the "DRAM Frequency" manually to the amount of MHz; 800, 1066, 1333, 1400, 1600, 1800, 1866, etc.

    Should I set the overclock tuner or DRAM frequency?
  14. randomstuff said:
    the "overclock tuner" that I can set to X.M.P.

  15. Ok, so I enabled the X.M.P. Overclock tuner and now sitting at just my desktop alone my CPU is averaging 40-50 degrees Celsius and my GPU is averaging 45-50 degrees. Motherboard and HDD/SSD are staying between 20-30 degrees. Anything else I should do or should I just log and see if a crash happens?

    I haven't overclocked before so I don't want to mess anything up and damage things. So sorry in advance for being questioning and a bit difficult. I appreciate all the help thus far.
  16. Best answer
    Is the speed now 1866mhz? Can be checked with hwinfo32 in the "system summary",the right side bottom half, look at "clock". This is the top window opening when you open the tool with nothing checked,i mean like the "check sensors" earlier for making a log.

    You can make a new log,maybe try to game as well so the system is under stress,mayb easier to let it see where it goes wrong,but maybe just as now is there nohing strange to see and is trying another psu imo the best course of action.
  17. It's saying its at 933.3, since its dual stick then 1866 MHz seems about right. I'll log and see if anything happens. What power supply would you recommend to replace my EVGA supernova NEX750G?
  18. The speed is right now.:)

    For a psu is a budget nice to know ...
    Also is the pcparticker something i can use? Different countries can be set at the righthand top.
  19. I seriously thank for all the help you have given me but it crashed once again after all that. I'll just have to pick out a new PSU and budget isn't too much of an issue. I just need something that can support my build and still have room to spare. My current build was placed at around 450 watts, so probably another 650 or 750 would be good. If you have any to recommend, I would greatly appreciate it in addition to all your help until now.

    This is my full current build:

    I would like to thank you for also walking me through everything and being so respondent and patient with me. :)
  20. I do have to say that a good 550watt will do ,but if you want a nice 650watt this one,
    or abit more expensive,

    I'd wish you had the opportunity to test with another one instead of just buying.

    And you're welcome.:D
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