Origin Games will not work on multiplayer. Please Help!

Hi all, I have an issue where only games on Origin are not allowing me to play multiplayer, I've tried Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield 1, and BF4. And Ive tried r6 siege, csgo and Battlefield Bad Company 2 on steam. My steam games work online, League of legends works as well. Just my origin games will not work online. Please help me.

Thank you for your time!
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  1. A little more detail would be helpful:
    -- do the games just crash back to Windows?
    -- do they crash your computer completely?
    -- do you get an error message (& have you Googled the error message)?
    -- Have you contacted EA/Origin regarding the problem, especially if the message is regarding your profile/user account?
  2. The games do not crash to windows
    The only game to crash my pc was r6 siege (overclocking mishaps..... went for too high on ram clocks)
    There was no error code, simply just says you have lost connection to the session (not losing connection to games affiliated with steam, only ones launched through origin)
    I tried getting in contact with them, but couldn't get to a person....
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