SERVER 2012 Running out of Disk Space?

Have Dell T320 Powerdedge with 1TB disk divided into 60gb Partition for O/S and programs and 867gb partition spare: Problem something is eating up space on 60gb only have 2.91 gb left last Monday had 5gb cannot see what is increasing usage? is there anyway of finding problem?
or I have just purchased Identical Server is there an easy way of transfering Program files over to keep running the new server has same O/S server 2012 with no partitions. Any help please
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  1. Move data from 867gb partition somewhere else, delete it and extend OS partition to 120GB.
    Then recreate data partition and move data back to it (assuming that data partition is next to OS partition).
    Post screenshot from Disk management.
  2. How have you tried looking?

    Have you tried disk cleanup actions on the OS disk?

    Have you tried using something like windirstat to examine the space usage?
  3. On a separate note, I'm quite shocked that they sold a server without data disks that are independent of the OS disk, and with apparently no redundancy, and possibly no backup.
  4. Reply to 13thmonkey, we did have Raid 1 but it has failed, we have O/S disks which we used to install system on new server and I have tried disk clean up and disk savy also spent quite a bit of time looking for an answer starting over a week ago with asking for help on here with Raid configoration thanks for replying.
    skynetrising, your solution looks the best yet think I will give it a try 867 is next to O/S partition
    many thanks
  5. That's not really answering where is the space going though. That's just getting you working again.

    Do you have user folders on the c:\
  6. Sorry I had Dell on telephone trying to help, I have user folders with 1.38gb used but not sure what I can delete/clean up there
  7. Keep working with Dell, you've paid for that support, and get some kind of backup & redundancy set up.
  8. In Users Root has 1.14gb but cannot find any large files to delete
  9. Will try that thanks
  10. Screenprint of Disk partitions I have 1Gb between Partitions C and E will I still be able to extend C:?
  11. Post screenshot.
  12. Cannot see how to post screenshot?
  13. Upload to or and post link.
  14. If that is unallocated space, then no problem. You'll be able to extend c: drive.
    Since your data partition is only ~1/3 filled, you can:
  15. the 1gb is unallocated that should allow me to extend C: over that? then create new partition dividing E: ? move Data to New Partition away from C: then extend C: again?
    Think I've got it but will try it tomorrow before staff come in, thanks
  16. That is not 1GB, but 1MB.

    What's on that data partition? Any file shares defined there?
    If yes, then those shares will need to be recreated after data move.
  17. There is one Progam folder there which we use the rest are backup files, I have split E: but it wouldn't copy the files over so I am now formatting the new partition with the hope that it will then let me copy the files over, thanks for taking the time to help me
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