Device for multiple audio outputs.

My question is that i have multiple audio outputs on my computers, Multiple screens for different functions and a set headphones. I know i can switch between them with programs or threw my PC, but im looking for a device where Aux cord plugs into my computer and all my devices are plugged into the device and i can switch in between them from the device.

I know it must exists i just don't know what the name is.
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  1. I don't entirely understand what you're trying to do.

    Are you trying to connect your headphones to one side of the device, and connect multiple outputs of your computer to the other side so you can switch which of the outputs are heard on the headphones?

    Or are you trying to connect multiple outputs from the computer to multiple separate devices through the device, and using the headphone, 'listen in' on one of the signals going to the various devices?
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