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Hey guys. I'm getting my new SSD and installing it. I was curious about the AHCI mode. Do I do this before I install Windows on the new ssd or do i install my SSD and on first time load up, I boot up bios and change it then? Or do I just do it after windows is installed on my SSD?

Second: I'm unhooking my current Hand drive during SSD installion. Will I need my windows 7 disc or will it pick up I have windows 10 installed? Because I only have my windows 7 disc and I know w10 isn't doing the free upgrade thing anymore.
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  1. Set AHCI mode in the bios prior to installation of Windows. Windows will then load the proper drivers during installation.
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    1. to install windows, you need windows installation media.
    If you want to install windows 10, then create windows 10 installation media first.

    2. Set sata controller mode to ahci before installing windows.

    3. disconnect hdd, connect ssd, boot from windows installation media and install windows (the same windows 10 version you have currently (home or pro) or else windows will not activate). When asked for install key, skip the step.
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