nvidia nforce professional 3600/3050 socket f supported cpus

WAnna know which cpus are supported by this motherboard?

nvidia nforce professional 3600/3050 socket f
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    Socket F is a CPU socket designed by AMD for its Opteron line of CPUs released on August 15, 2006. For Socket F Opterons, each chip has a four-digit model number, in the form Opteron XZYY. For all Opterons, the first digit (the X) specifies the number of CPUs on the target machine:
    1 - Designed for uniprocessor systems
    2 - Designed for dual-processor systems
    8 - Designed for systems with 4 or 8 processors
  2. The nforce pro3600 is referring just for the chipset.

    Try finding the motherboard manufacturer and model. (it is written on it, or if have it running in computer try softwares like aida64)

    So odds are it will support any opteron from the respective series (you have 1cpu - opteron 1000series, 2cpu's - 2000series)
  3. Thankyou guys ! but I want to ask that does my motherboard support cpus like AMD FX or Core i3/i5 ?
  4. No it does not. It only goes with AMD opteron processors aimed for server use.
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