Is Crucial Momentum Cache safe for the RAM? Does it really make things faster?

I heard that it cause the RAM to work much more and aggressively thus shortening the RAM life, and also that I shouldn't be using it as you can't really feel real life difference, even though you get speeds of 2000+ MB/s instead of around the 500 MB/s

Are these 2 claims true?

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    It will speed up write operations, which is likely not something you would notice unless you are moving large files around all the time. It can also use up about 25% of your available DRAM. It will make the DRAM perfom write operations for the SSD which I guess could technically shorten its lifespan, however you will more than likely upgrade LONG before any DRAM fails due to too many writes, it will take thousands of terabytes written or more to kill a dram stick. I have a crucial SSD and I do not use that feature, never seen a reason to, I would rather have all my DRAM and I don't perfom enough write operations for it to really do anything for me.
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