Solder header onto cheap ASUS mobo?

Hi guys I have a PC build that worked well with one MoBo, but will work less without front USB ports on a dif MoBo. However I prefer to use the second one. I have a Gigabyte which has a USB3 dedicated plug (19 pin), then an ASUS which has it laid out and marked in the board, but without a header attached. I have some experience soldering etc. If I just solder up a matching 19-pin header there, what are the odds the motherboard will actually recognize it?

Platform is the AMD AM1 and I do have a backup MoBo, so not too worried about destroying something expensive. Please give some tips! I guess my main concern is not having the correct BIOS for the header after soldering it up..

Alternatively, I found the adapter of USB header to USB3..
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  1. Check if there USB3 chip controller near.
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    hello I'll answer my own question. I think it might work if you were an expert in BIOS .. AND if your MoBo had the necessary SMD components. Mine had some blank spaces including one near the USB header where a 32bit mini controller would have gone, so, that's out, and I'll adapt to USB2 in this situation.

    I'd wager the cost savings wasn't in the header itself, as I was initially thinking, but extra complexity of the controller logic. It was a small square controller with 12 or 16 solder pads per side. Hope that clears it up
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