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Hello. I will build my first pc in a few days. I'm between some choices. I have fx 4300 and GTX 1050 costs 393€ in my country. And I3 2100 and GTX 1050 costs 380€. And last core 2 quad q9400 and GTX 1050 ti costs 340€. I want to play aaa at at least medium settings in 40-60 fps.
And I plan to upgrade in the summer. Fx 4300 to fx 6300. I3 2100 to i5 2500k. My budget is around 400
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  1. Why the older CPUs? Can you get a Pentium G4560 in your country? It offers better performance than both the i5 2500K and the FX 6300 and is really cheap as well as being on the newest Intel platform, check this review on it beating the FX 6300 and such in games.

    As for the GPU, i would recommend the RX 470 4GB if you can afford it, it should be only slightly more than a GTX 1050 Ti and is an excellent budget GPU for 1080p Medium/High at good framerates. Well worth the slightly higher price.

    RX 470 Review >
    RX 470 vs GTX 1050 Ti >

    *Edit* Not sure on your country but this is the prices in France for a nice build with the aforementioned parts, €400 all up :)
  2. I agree, don't invest in old hardware. You'll be disappointed with it's performance, resulting in wasting your good hard earned money. Your better off reposting to have someone spec out a computer for you for your budget as to how much you can afford to spend. The title should be, "Build Me a Gaming Computer for $XXX.XX"
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