Broken pin on socket 1155 motherboard getting 3 beeps at startup

I have inteldh61www motherboard and one of its processor socket pin is broken. I have found the details of datasheet on intel website and this pin is labeled as Vcc pin (pin number is J21). When I start my PC it gives 3 beeps at start up like it has a RAM problem but my both rams are working fine on other motherboard.

is above mentioned problem is because of broken pin or something else like if its bios is not updated (i dont know weather its bios is updated or not as) that is why its giving this error? as I only have a 3rd gen processor so i cant check it on a 2nd gen processor.
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    With BIOS incompatiblity you don't get any beeps at all - just like you did not put any cPU in motherboard. It is quite common problem to find out that motherboard can't recognize RAM in some slots because of bent/broken socket pins.
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