Microphone and audio problems in-home

Hello so past few pc's i've had sound problems...
The mic is not working guy's in teamspeak say they hear either smth like a short electrical sound (buzzing) or absolute silence..
Sound output also has some static to it
it's the third motherboard that i'm having this issue with after some usage time.
and now i found out that even while i talk through my sony xperia z2 in messenger the other end can sometimes hear the static buzzing.... HOW?
what i've tried to my pc:
Got a pci-e sound card latest drivers everything still same static or silence in mic.
Got a usb sound card recently and surprisingly it worked for some time but now it doesnt again...
so i'm at terrible misery once again....
i did messed with disabling and enabling devices in bios no luck everything is up to date drivers.etc
Can someone please give me some help with this because i cant afford buying a new mobo every month or two....
Pc specs:
Gigabyte GA PA65 UD3 B3 REV 1.1(had rev 1.0 before this)
Intel i3 2120 cpu
xilence 600W psu
GTX 560
Windows 10 PRO
Had 8.1 PRO
And 7 Ultimate before same issue.
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    I had a similar problem with my audio, not MIC of my motherboard sound card. I resolved my issue by getting a seperate sound card, but you can always check a few things first. Make sure the power cord for computer is a grounded cord. Try disconnecting everything in your house that uses wireless stuff, like router, phone, and so on. Check the control panel settings for the MIC. Mine is normally at 100 for MIC with nothing else special active. See if any of those makes the buzzing stop.
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