Overclocking via Turboboost, but different clock speeds? (3570k)

I recently OC'd my 3570k via turboboost to 4.2ghz. Left voltage on auto.

Max VID: 1.211V

Prime 95 - 5 hours:
Core #0: 65 C
Core #1: 73 C
Core #2: 70 C
Core #3: 69 C
Package: 73 C

Possible Stupid Question: With Core #1 running hot, which I think is common in Ivy Bridge, what if I pushed the over clock on the other cores?

In other words, in a turboboost OC, if I have Core #1 at 4.2ghz, but the rest of the cores at 4.4ghz....is that an issue?
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  1. None of your cores are running hot and your max voltage if only 1.211v is perfectly fine for that cpu. What cpu cooler are you using?
  2. Air cooling, Coolmaster Evo 212

    The goal was to see if I could avoid a 24/7 overclock on CPU that has been a workhorse for a few years now. Hence turboboost.

    As for whether it is running "hot", my understanding is that while is is about 30 degrees away from throttling, that low to mid 70's was the widely held "safe" range for a 3570k. Is that inaccurate?
  3. That is accurate.
  4. OK, then since I do not have much thermal headroom on "Core #1", is there anything wrong with overclocking "Core #0" at a higher rate? Presumably, for software that only uses a single core (like the emulator Dolphin), this would be a benefit, is my thinking. No?
  5. You still have 27c of headroom. Max temp before throttling occurs is 100c.
  6. I appreciate your help, but I'm really hoping to find someone that can address my question regarding turboboosting cores unevenly
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