Is my SSD dead?


My desktop randomly froze when I was doing work. I could close down chrome but everything else including the task bar was frozen. I did a hard shutdown (power button for 5 seconds) and the computer would not boot past the windows logo.

I have tried in this order:
1. Repairing startup using a usb flash drive with windows on it. (this resulted in a message saying BOOTMGR is missing with no windows logo)

2. Removing all other drives from the machine, leaving only the ssd connected.

3. Using bootrec /rebuildbcd, bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /fixboot in the cmd input option when booting from the USB stick with windows on it.

4.Using bootsect /nt60 SYS and bootsect /nt60 ALL to see if that would fix anything, it didn't.

5. My SSD has not changed sata connections at all during the crash, I tried it with a SATA2 instead of SATA3 just to see if it made any difference which it didn't.

6. Tried connecting the SSD to a SATA to USB and then connected the usb to my laptop, windows recognized the connection but couldn't see the SSD at all.

7. Tried to install a fresh windows 10 copy but when I come to choose the SSD the setup manager will not let me format or create a new partition on the drive, and there is an error saying that windows cannot be install to this drive and that i should check bios sata controller settings.

8. Checked to make sure SATA mode was in AHCI and not IDE.

Windows would still not install.

ANY help would be appreciated. This has come at literally the worst time as I have a mountain of uni coursework due in this week.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Install windows on another drive (or use another working computer). Then check health of your ssd.
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