RX 480 STRIX or GTX 1060 STRIX

I wanted to know witch card to choose. Where I live, there's a 75USD difference between the two cards.

Thanks for your attention :)
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    I can only tell you about the RX 480 strix, I own it. If there the 1060 Strix costs 75USD more, Definently go for an Strix, The performance varies only a few fps. For 1080p you cant go wrong with neither. The strix is an excellent card with excellent cooling, I keep my fan speed between 30-40% and it never reaches anything above 70 degrees in really heavy games. Besides, You can even connect two 120mm fans to the GPU itself for extra cooling. They only start spinning once it reaches above 60 degrees. However if you are considering the 1060 strix at that price point, why not go for an 1070 turbo maybe? Its esentially an FE 1070 with an removed backplate and an improved blower style cooler. Besides there is a company that sells custom backplates for around 25-30$
  2. go for the cheaper one. rx 480 = gtx 1060
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