Picking Pc's cpu gpu motherboard and other components

Im not changing my psu unless it is not compatible.
All im asking is, is this ok for a 30,000 php peso build?
I3 6100 skylake
Palit GTX 1060 Dual 3g GDDR5 192bit gpu
Asus H110M-D DDR4
Kingston HyperX Fury 8gb single DDR4
Seasonic s12ii 620w 80 plus bronze psu
Tecwear infinity case
(Stock cooler?)
(Deep cool z5?)

Umm yeah not sure about thermal compond or cooling.
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  1. I've no idea if that is good for the money, but the PSU is fine.
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    You need change nothing.
    But... I have a few thoughts:

    I3-6100@3.7 is a very good processor and appropriate for a GTX1060.
    There are other options;
    For the same price, the newer gen i3-7100@3.9
    or, G4620@3.7 for less.
    The caveat is that a H110 motherboard which is cheap will require a current bios to run kaby lake.
    Motherboards manufactured after about 11/2016 will have the enabling bios.
    If the bios is old, you would need to borrow a 6th gen cpu to do the flash, or take it to a local shop to get it done.
    To be safe, a B250 motherboard would be fine.

    Buy a 2 x4gb ram kit so you can operate in faster dual channel operation.
    Do not count on later adding a 8gb stick, it is not guaranteed to run.
    If you eventually want 16gb, it is better to buy a 2 x 8gb kit up front.

    Seasonic S12II 620 is outstanding.

    I3 will come with a adequate stock cooler.
    The only reason for an aftermarket cooler would be to get a 120mm fan which will be quieter under load.
    Scythe kotetsu, cryorig H7, or cm hyper212 are all good and inexpensive.
    All, including the stock cooler come with paste.

    You said nothing about a drive.

    I will never again build without a ssd for the "C" drive. It makes everything you do much quicker.
    120gb is minimum, it will hold the os and a handful of games.
    But, many things default to the "C" drive.
    When a SSD nears full, it will lose performance and endurance.
    240gb is the recommended minimum.

    If you can go 240gb, or 500gb you may never need a hard drive.

    You can defer on the hard drive unless you need to store large files such as video's.
    It is easy to add a hard drive later.

    Samsung EVO is a good choice for performance and reliability.
  3. Its all ok i have about 2 ssds available from my dad, and a wd re 3tb harddisk
  4. Socyour saying upgrading my ram might be a proublem in the future?
  5. Anonymous said:
    Socyour saying upgrading my ram might be a proublem in the future?

    Ram is sold in kits for a reason.
    A motherboard must manage all the ram using the same specs of voltage, cas and speed.
    Ram from the same vendor and part number can be made up of differing manufacturing components over time.
    Some motherboards can be very sensitive to this.
    That is why ram vendors will NOT support ram that is not bought in one kit.
    It is safer to get what you need in one kit.

    Your odds of success upgrading one 8gb stick by adding a second later are reasonably good, but not 100%
    How would you feel if you bought a nice new 8gb and found that you needed to buy a 2 x8gb kit anyway??

    Ram is cheap enough, buy that 2 x8gb kit up front. speed is not important
  6. How about a 4x2? Is it ok?
  7. Actually nvm imma get a 8x2 Gskill trident.
  8. All that results in 29430 php pesos. So... Thats 470 pesos to spare, for what? A better mobo? Or a better gpu?
  9. Anonymous said:
    Actually nvm imma get a 8x2 Gskill trident.

    2 x 8gb is very good.
    Fancy heat spreaders are mostly marketing and largely useless.
    skylake does not depend on fast ram for performance if you are using a discrete graphics card.
    1.2v ddr4 2400 speed is good.
    Here is a study:
  10. Oh so ill get 2x4.
  11. Is a gskill aeigs ok? (Ddr4 2x4) 2188 hz
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