Ryzen vs i7 7700k build

Hello guys im really struggling Ryzen or I7 7700k.I will mostly use my cpu for gaming and maybe some video editing on future.


I7 7700k:

Which build u go for and why?
Extra info:I wont update at least for 4 years so i pref future proof build.
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  1. 7700K, it is better for gaming. Higher IPC and frequency, it is a better overclocker.
  2. There are 20 threads in the first 2 pages of this forum with an almost identical question.

    My opinion: I don't think you can go wrong with either.

    The 7700K has much faster cores and generally wins most gaming benchmarks, often by a lot. Ryzen offers twice as many cores, and as time goes on you'll undoubtedly see them become more utilized, and it may eventually catch up or even pass the 7700K in some games.

    Today, Ryzen is by far the better CPU for very parallel tasks like encoding and rendering. The platform is very buggy right now though because it's brand new, so be prepared to deal with some issues.
  3. Since your primary goal is gaming, the Ryzen would be the wrong choice. Every review of the Ryzen thus far has run in to it having performance issues in many games, relatively severe issues in some games.

    As for your future proofing, this is not possible. You solve for your current goals with current tech. It is likely that the PC can be used for 4 years but "likely"
    is not the same as future proofing. Don't skimp on the power supply (neither build has one listed). A good PSU and good cooling are generally the keys to a stable system with out those weird hard to track down issues.
  4. What resolution to do you game at? Do you plan on changing monitor to higher resolution in that 4 year timeframe? If you're serious and do plan on a fair amount of editing, rendering, ect. in those years, I'd lean more towards the Ryzen platform. The gaming results look similar at 1440P and 4K from reviews I've seen. Mainly 1080P has the worst gaming results towards Ryzen. If very occasional editing(assuming software is heavily multithreaded to begin with), I'd stick with Intel.
  5. I currently have 1080p Monitor but i might buy 1440p in future.
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    OK. At 1080P, the 7700k build is the better choice for gaming. In 1440P and 4k, the gap is much smaller as the GPU is doing majority of the work. Unless some patches, UEFI updates can address some of this, the Ryzen CPU will hinder gaming performance to some degree vs. Intel.
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