i5 6600k - high temp?

Ive noticed worrying temperatures on this cpu and high usage.

In most games it hits 70-100%. I overclocked it to 4.4ghz with 1.280v and scythe mugen 2 cooler. During gaming when cpu usage reaches 80%+ after few minutes avrage core temps are 60-65(according to msi afterburner). After i quit gaming session speedfan usually shows core temp peaks at 66-69c, never above that.

but today, after playing third mission in Hitman speedfan showed 64c on 2 cores 70 on third and 74c on fourth as peak. That got me worried. I also use asus smart fan tweak. 74 is way too high for a game. I watched YT videos and ppl usually have 45-55c with this cpu and according to intel max safe core temp for this cpu is 69.
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  1. You're running an overclocked CPU on an air cooler - its going to run hot.

    However, as long as your load temperatures are below 80C, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. 69-74C is totally fine.

    Ive had both a 6600k and a 7700k, and both hit 74C under an AIDA64 test with a H100i AIO water cooler when overclocked.

    I don't know where you're getting 69C as the 'max safe temp' for the 6600k, as it wont even throttle itself down until you hit 100C.
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  2. From this article:

    I would agree 69-74c is be fine during heavy stress tests like aida, but not during gaming. I watched some YT videos and read some internet and ppl get like 55c max during gaming and 79 during heavy stress tests. I just hit 74c on one core during gaming(,but in other games never go above69).

    I will also add that my cpu fan runs at 900rpm which is like 50% of its max speed.
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    People always seem to overlook one thing when it comes to CPU temps during gaming: Its not the only thing warming up inside your case.

    When running a CPU stress test, the only thing that really warms up is your CPU. However, when gaming, your entire system warms up.

    Even with an ATX case with good airflow, the temperature inside the case will warm up significantly when your CPU, GPU, motherboard and RAM start pumping out heat.

    That all has an effect on your CPU temperature. So even though during gaming, you may only see 60-80% CPU usage, the heat from your GPU will be warming your CPU up significantly. My 7700k is actually warmer when running a demanding game like GR: Wildlands than it is under 100% CPU stress test because my 980ti hits 85C.

    Also, that article lists Tjuncture as 69C, not max, which is 100. It even states that below 80 is fine.
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