Unable to detect hardrive only on the laptop

I have a 1tb dell external hardrive, when i connect it to my pc, everything is clear and fine, but when i connect it to my laptop, it just wouldn't show up, i did a virus scan of the drive from devices and printers, and i even checked all my usb ports, using my pendrive, i also used the command tool to run device management and disk management, the drive shows up at both the places and there seems to be no yellow mark in the device management section, i have switched off and restarted my laptop thrice already and i have even tried to troubleshoot the drive, but i still can't seem to get it to show in "This Pc"
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    Attach the drive tot he laptop and then go into device manager. Select it and then delete it. Reply ok to delete associated software (these would be the drivers). Unplug the drive. Wait a minute or three and then plug it back in. windows should detect the drive and reload the drivers.
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