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I was watching a youtube video when suddenly the sound was gone. I closed firefox and played a movie(vlc) and still the sound was gone. I then restarted my pc but still no sound. I then turned my speaker all the way up and there it is , there is sound coming off from it but it feels like a volume in 50 percent. These are the things I already did trying to fix this(will update if I did something to try fixing this):

Using my mobo's sound - Asrock Z97X Killer Motherboard
edit: forgot to mention - Windows 10

1. I already checked everything in realtek and speaker options.the level is already 100 and also ticked the "do nothing" option in communications tab in Sound.
2. Updated my gpu( thinking it might be the NVIDIA 3D sound conflicting) still nada
3. Uninstalled Realtek High Definition Audio in device manager, restarted, and pc auto installed it, still not fixed.
4. Made sure speaker is still functioning by plugging it in my phone and still 100 percent working.
5. Tested already with 2 headphones both in rear and front(individually). still the volume is so low. (Noticed something: static sounds while plugged in front) (in a sense, headphones could not be used in this state)
6. Tried plugging speaker in front jack and a huge static noise could be heard.
7. Tried system restore (only in a point earlier this day because its the only one available) but its unsuccessful due to an error.error :

8. checked if Windows updated something - latest update was on 3/17/17 , so no update that could be the cause
9. Did that enhancement thing mentioned in other threads (Loudness Equalization) still nothing
10. not sure if this help but I plugged my speaker to the Side Speaker Out(black) and switched to the 5.1 speaker configuration in Realtek and tested it, the sound is fine so loud(since the speaker is on full blast) but I then inserted it to the Speaker out (green) and tested it while still in 5.1 speaker configuration the sound is so low(the problem, and still the speaker is on full blast).

I hope someone could help....
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  1. Im so frking stupid..Yesterday I opened up my system to have a general cleaning + rerouting of the wires to have a cleaner look. It seems I didn't plugged the Atx power connector all the way through..It seems this what caused the problem..good thing I came across a thread having problem with sound with the same mobo. I never mentioned this cuz I thought everything was fine since my pc was ON almost 22 hrs straight after I did the general cleaning and before the problem occurred. The problem is solved already.

    ps: But if you think the atx power connector is not the culprit, Im happy to hear your opinions.
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